Dick Dale – Miserlou

Miserlou is a tune with a long history, much longer than I can cover right here, right now. We don’t know who originally wrote it but the Greek man who first penned the lyrics gave it a name meaning: Muslim Egyptian girl. Legend has it that Dick Dale’s first crack at Miserlou came after being dared to play a song using only one string. He remembered his Lebanese uncle, also a musician, playing the tune on a single string of the oud – an Arabic lute. Needless to say, Dale ramped it up a notch or three before releasing it. The result is possibly the most definitive slice of instrumental surf rock music ever to be pressed onto vinyl.

Some housekeeping now: for the next few weeks I will be, what can only really be described as, gallivanting around the globe, so the Diddy Wah blog posting frequency will slow if not stop until sometime in October – just so you know.