Huey 'Piano' Smith - Don't You Know Yockomo

Huey ‘Piano’ Smith – Don’t You Know Yockomo

Don’t You Know Yocomo was the 1959 follow up to Huey ‘Piano’ Smith And His Clown’s best known tune and biggest hit, the rollicking Don’t You Just Know It. Smith was New Orleans born and bred. His piano playing style help define the rockin’ R&B sound that emanated from that great city in the 1950s. Many of the lyrics in today’s selection refer to the cultures and traditions of Mardi Gras Indians. There’s some linguistic debate about the meaning of the word Yockomo, but it’s a term which also appeared, as Jockomo, in Sugar Boy Crawford’s 1953 song of the same name. Jockomo was reinterpreted and renamed in 1965 by The Dixie Cups as Iko Iko. The high voice heard on this and Smith’s previous hit is that of cross-dressing singer Bobby Marchan. You can read more about Marchan in an excellent post on The Hound Blog from a few years back.