mp3: Betty James – I’m A Little Mixed Up
mp3: Betty James – Help Me To Find My Love

This is not the Betty James who came up with the name Slinky for the popular toy her husband invented. At least, I don’t think it is; there’s not a whole lot of information out there about today’s artist. From what I can gather, our Betty James was a blues singer from Baltimore. What an alluring voice she has, it’s not surprising that she was “discovered” by a couple of fellas who went on to start Carnival Records in New York. They recorded I’m A Little Mixed Up and Help Me To Find My Love and released them as either side of a Cee Jay single in 1961. This record sold well locally and so the mighty Chess Records picked it up for national release. It’s written that James’s husband plays guitar and son plays bass, but some have questioned whether Tarheel Slim might actually be the main guitarist. Either way, I’m A Little Mixed Up is one of those tunes that’s instantly appealing. Before disappearing into obscurity, James did release two more singles
on Chess, including the follow-up record I’m Not Mixed Up Anymore.