mp3: Willie Cobb – You Don’t Love Me

Here is a song that took from another and gave to many more. Willie Cobbs recorded You Don’t Love Me in 1960, using the melody and some of the words from a 1955 Bo Diddley b-side, She’s Fine She’s Mine. Originally released on Mojo Records in Memphis, Cobbs’ song climbed the local charts and found national distribution through Vee-Jay. It’s often described as hypnotic. There definitely is something in the riff that resonates deeply and allows you to lose yourself in it. Jamaican artist Dawn Penn recorded You Don’t Love Me in an incredible rocksteady style in 1967, but I’m sure the version I first became familiar with was her 1994 dancehall re-recording, which was a huge worldwide hit. Of course, many artists from the worlds of blues and rock also had a crack. The Bloomfield-Kooper-Stills flange-filled Super Session version is another I became very familiar with around that time.