I was late getting into B.B. King. His kind of blues didn’t appeal to me when I was discovering some of the other giants. What I heard was too clean. Plus he made that song with U2, which was always on the radio. And he appeared in cheesy television adverts for McDonalds. The turning point for me was around the turn of the millennium, when Pete Rock included Chains And Things on the Funk Spectrum III compilation. That made me aware that there was much more to B.B. King. Then in 2005, I saw him play at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and all doubts were cast aside. I’ve been picking up more and more of his records lately; I posted Hully Gully Twist just last month. Along with Chains And Things, here are a couple you might have heard on recent radio shows or mixes of mine.Fishin After Me is King’s take on the classic Catfish Blues. Released in 1960, it really bops. I heard this playing through the PA in a pub not too long ago and just had to track it down. Think It Over is from 1967. It’s an absolute stormer and is getting lots of late night spins from me at the moment. Chains And Things was included on King’s 1970 album Indianola Mississippi Seeds. Surprisingly, it features another King on Electric Piano, Carole King.