Fats Domino recorded Why Don’t You Do Right for ABC-Paramount in 1965. The bright brass backing is just one marker of the stylistic change from his many collaborations with Dave Bartholomew at Imperial. On this song, which has a distinctive big-city jazz feel, it works. Why Don’t You Do Right is often sung from a woman’s perspective – famously by Peggy Lee, Della Reese and Jessica Rabbit. Having a woman telling her man to go get her some money softens the lyrical allusions to prostitution. When Domino sings the same words, with the gender roles reversed, he sounds like a straight out pimp. Why Don’t You Do Right’s first incarnation was as Weed Smoker’s Dream by the Harlem Hamfats in 1936. It’s about a man, the weed smoking protagonist, who wishes his woman friend would go earn some money by turning tricks.